NiKi ~ Salon Coordinator
I am the MOOI, Salon Coordinator. A position that organically unfolded after starting with the Salon in September of 2022 as a Receptionist. I manage front of house & back of house along with purchasing and a few other things in between to ensure everything moves along as smooth as possible for our Guests & Stylists alike.
Why MOOI ?
The moment I walked into this space I felt the "Good Vibes" from the salon and its team of Creative Stylists. It has a warm and inviting feeling. I really enjoyed the openness of the spacious lobby, the big windows and lovely view of the ocean, It has an instant appeal. Not only was the Team here a great fit for me and my approach to life; but the mix of amazing humans that come into this space for the hair services that the MOOI HAIR GROUP "Beauty" artists provide, is not only warm but so welcoming. It is truly a sense of family here!
What are your major accomplishments in Life / Business?
I am proud to have accomplished a lot in the various decades I have lived on this wild planet, both personally and professionally. I have obtained my Ice Making and a Janitorial Ticket. Counseling, Herbalism, Reiki level 1,2 & Master Certifications. I genuinely enjoy people and thrive on new experiences and connections. The path that led me here involved working in Log Peeling, Sexual Health, Timeshare & Nut farming. Now Salon Coordination seems only right. It's all a beautiful adventure. I speak French fairly fluently with a Swiss child's accent and many years in Whistler allowed me to meet phenomenal beings from all over the world, make amazing connections and friendships, as well as try many delightful and daring things. I look forward to years more of a life, full of all the things that make life worth living and stories worth telling. I look forward to meeting you, and hearing your story when you come to MOOI HAIR GROUP
Favorite Quote / Saying:
Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened ~ Theodor Geisel ( Dr. Seuss )
What does Beauty mean to you?
Beauty is in how we see and feel the world, the qualities we see in our selves and our fellow humans that make us feel good and give us pleasure. Making some one feel beautiful can start with a simple word or a gentle touch. Working in an industry where my coworkers make peoples insides shine outwardly with their craft & artistry is a beautiful thing in itself. Blessed!
NiKi ~ Salon Coordinator