Our name comes from our roots.

When our founder, Josh DeWaal met Kiyomi Schulz working at a high-end salon in Nanaimo, they immediately bonded over a love for hair. So when Kiyomi decided to open her own salon and asked Josh to join, his answer was a resounding yes. Fast forward 20 years and that first salon had grown into two locations—one in Nanaimo and the other in Parksville.

While both locations had thrived, in 2021 Kiyomi decided it was time to focus her attention solely on the Nanaimo salon. Josh saw this as the perfect opportunity to evolve into the owner of the Parksville location and bought the beloved business from his trusted friend.

As for the name? The location was previously called ‘Mi by Kiyo’ which in Japanese means ‘beautiful’ and connects to Kiyomi’s roots.

The name ‘Mooi’ pays homage to the original “Mi by Kiyo” name, and also to Josh’s Dutch heritage—because Mooi in Dutch means beautiful too.

And that is what we do, we see the beauty in all of our clients and help them see it too.

We help create beauty and not waste.

We believe in finding more ways to be sustainable for the betterment of both our communities and the planet. That’s why we’re a Green Circle Salon. Through this initiative we recycle items like hair clippings, foils, excess hair colour, aerosol cans, and colour tubes. This empowers us to offset our emissions and reduce waste by up to 95 percent. While we still have a long way to go, we’re committed to helping our planet stay healthy and beautiful.

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