Josh De Waal
Years in the industry:
Stylist Level:
Master, Advanced Stylist.
My Passion / Specialty:
Precision Cutting.
Why Mooi?
Its a Salon that is progressive, inviting and allows me to excel at my craft.
Why did you choose this industry?
This industry has given me an outlet for my creativity and gives me the opportunity to sit and connect with people in a meaningful way.
Who or what is your professional Inspiration?
I am truly inspired by my Team, Victoria, Leigh Ann & Jess.
Favourite Go-to product:
Bumble & Bumble's ~ Brilliantine, Styling Cream & Sumo Tech.
What are your major accomplishments in life / business?
Worked for KMS as an Educator for over a decade and had the opportunity to travel abroad to do so. And now I am a Salon Owner, and I have a beautiful home and family.
Bumble & Bumble New York, L’Oreal , Vidal Sassoon's in Toronto, Tony & Guy, Platform education with KMS and many other classes along the way.
When you are not behind the chair you are likely...
I am a Jack / Josh of all trades, I love to Fish, Play Pool, Work on engines, and Tinker about in my spare time.
What is something few people know about you?
I love Skinny Jeans & Chai lattes ~ I cant give them up! I tried.
Favourite Quote/Saying:
Be yourself, everyone else is already taken. ~ Oscar Wilde
What does Beauty mean to you?
Beauty is something that shines through from the inside to the outside.
Josh De Waal