Jessica Wood
Years in the industry:
Stylist Level:
Advanced, Master Stylist
My Passion /Specialty is:
Natural, Lived in Colour & Blondes.
Why Mooi?
I love working at MOOI HAIR because its an inviting modern Salon with views of the Ocean.
Why did you choose this industry?
I love the creativity of this industry. Its always changing and evolving which keeps things interesting and exciting for me.
Who or what is your professional Inspiration?
There are so many who inspire me in this craft, If I had to choose one I would choose Chris Weber. I love his Beachy Blonde looks.
Favourite Go-to product:
I love the Bumble & Bumble Dry Spun. Its the perfect volumizer, that can be sprayed into dry styled hair or used to refresh an old style.
What are your major accomplishments in life / business?
My biggest accomplishments are Backpacking through Central America, teaching English in Mexico, Moving provinces and obtaining my Yoga instructor and Nutrition Certification.
I have done numerous classes over the years and have worked for Education Based Salons. Some of my favourite classes have been Colour Keys and Sandy Hogue professional cutting classes.
When Not Behind the chair, you are likely....
Hanging out with my toddler Gloria, going for nice walks, whipping up a nutritious meal in the kitchen or on Vacation with my friends and family.
Something few people know about you...
I have done many daring things, like Skydiving, paragliding and scuba diving.
Favourite Quote or Saying:
Everyday we begin again, what we do today is what matters most.
What does Beauty mean to you?
Beauty to me means to radiate it from the inside out!
Jessica Wood